luxury hand made by sicilian’s souls

Inside one of the most prestigious Resorts in the world, comes Le siciliane, a luxury brand that rewards Sicilian handmade, its excellence and its style. Between food, jewelry and ART, Le siciliane is the perfect place where to find a little piece of Sicily to bring with you home returning from your trip.

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Coral of Sciacca

Art and Ceramic

Coral collected intensively from 1875 until the first decades of the '900, Pink salmon, pale to intense. Variety of Corallium rubrum lay in huge quantities on the muddy bottom, he conformed to the branches long and slender with a maximum thickness of 8mm. Present in the past less than 30 miles from the coast of Sciacca at a depth between 40 and 200 meters, depending on the pews. It all started one day in July of 1831 when, in the shallows called "jug", the sea suddenly opened and a volcano, in a fiery hell, announced the appearance of an island. 

This took the name of King Ferdinand in honor of King Ferdinand II of Bourbon. However, it did not last long and in the winter of the same year sank back into the depths bringing with them the "red gold" of which he was filled. 

Evidently, such a treasure was not destined to remain concealed in the depths of the abyss and in 1875 Bettu Ammareddu, captain of a fishing boat (a couple of boats that pulled trawl), discovered that a few miles from the coast of Sciacca another bench coral (Banco Graham) was found in a layer of mud. Within a few years, two other banks were discovered: one closer to the coast called "terraneo" and a more broad-called "Foraneo." 

The news spread quickly throughout Europe, this resulted in the indiscriminate looting of these banks that inevitably ended with the extinction because of fishing techniques adopted. 

For more than twenty six years Campo d’Oro of Paolo Licata has been producing a vast range of gastronomic products, keeping alive a family tradition that is committed to producing high quality food preserves.

In order to guarantee the product’s authenticity and quality, all the main ingredients are processed with artisan methods directly after the harvest. Products that are' free from' in every sense. “Artisan”outlines the traditional methodology employed by them when using only the freshest hand picked ingredients which are then efficiently processed and packaged by modern machinery or in the case of some recipes the ingredients are worked with by hand.

Located in the heart of Sicilian countryside, in an environment that can only be described as ‘pure’, far away from the smog, noise and interference brought about by a city, the harmonious fusion of nature, aroma and colour takes place. It is here that Villa Reale extracts ‘nature’ from all that is natural when creating its preserves.

In order to satisfy the needs of their valued customers Campo d’Oro has created a vast selection of specialised products nearly all of which are preserved in the companies own extra virgin olive oil. These products include ready-to-eat preserves, pasta sauces, patés and pestos, seafood, sweet spreads, jams and marmalades, honey, wine gelèe and extra virgin olive oil and much much more. 

The art of ceramics, certainly constituted since ancient times one of the major industries of Sciacca. There are many documents and finds that attest to this ancient tradition. At the date 1283 - 1303, must be ascribed the "cannata" Engraved with the arms of the house in Sciacca, (now in the museum of Caltagirone). The activity of the potters of Sciacca, suffered a decisive turning point after 1670, changes which characterized the production of ceramic products including its decorative and cromatico.Oggi we can say that some of those past experiences, positively affect the production of some workshops that produce artifacts faithfully reproducing antique majolica (pottery, tile, etc.. etc.). Specialty shops offering pottery marked with a modern production, earthenware artifacts to be placed in outdoor environments such as villas, gardens, building facades, or indoors as inputs hotels, private homes, offices, or all those places where they can find the right location. In the city of Sciacca, currently operating a large array of master potters authors of interesting artifacts stove. Many masters pundits have participated in major events in France, Spain, USA, Japan, etc.. etc. .. 


Michele Bono

Themes and colors, the ones used by the artist, who immediately refer to experimentation and research, his work looks at the study and discovery of new materials, forms and contents favoring the use of ceramics and painting tools thanks to which his work becomes a warning pop culture, but at the same time a reference to its roots in Sicily. 

His work with high impact, are concrete evidence of the Sicilian soul and stylistic developments of the ancient culture of which they are subsidiaries.